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If you are looking for a beautiful and functional property abroad, you have come to the right place! We are distinguished by a very extensive online offer and a one-stop shop offering comprehensive services from A to Z:

Extraordinary choice and offers

with more than 4000 properties, you can find stunning holiday homes, apartments for large families, buildings for a long-term investment with sea view, exotic villas and other high-end, luxury properties.

Top expertise and superior support

We offer profound knowledge of the Spanish market thanks to high-level and experienced professionals. What’s more, we provide all legal, administrative and notary services, along with foreign language counseling and translation services.

Finest customers’ satisfaction for effective deals

We are so confident you will find your dream property that we will reimburse the flight/train tickets of your visit in Spain! Moreover, we will pick you up and bring back to the airport, knowing that you will leave with a great deal and a big smile on your face! Ask for the conditions of the offer.  

REF: GS5013
Sea view
REF: GS71004
Close to the sea
REF: GS71033
Ready for collection
 2000+ m
Price: 514 900 €
REF: GS21128
Close to the sea
REF: GS21061
Sea view
Investing in Spain

A place ideal for living and relaxation. Our property’s locations offer more than 300 days of sunshine per year, great food and drinks, culture, design and style. Spain is famous for open and friendly people, brilliant social life and outdoor living. You will feel the energy immediately! This is why our properties come with balconies, terraces and gardens for deep relaxation on vacation, after a long day at work or for inviting friends and guests at home to enjoy life together!

Our properties are also perfect for investment. They offer a steady, passive rental income or an injection of cash when you decide to sell them. We can advise on which ones to choose to maximize your profits. We help you to chose the right place, during the purchase and handle it after it has successfully become yours.

Buying the property that best suits you has never been easier!

We look forward to working with you!

We organize investment trips
and support you at every stage

You don’t have to worry about anything!

Our properties are designed and built by developers who have been active in the Spanish real estate market for years.

Our professionals have helped thousands of foreign buyers realize their Spanish dream. Our support is specialized in properties for sale in Spain and accompanies buyers at all stages of their investment.

Don't put off your dreams!

Now is the best time to invest in real estate on the Spanish market!
Do not let inflation erode your savings!

More than 4,000 offers

Legal services AND assistance in all necessary formalities related to the purchase of real estate

Assistance in organising investment visit to Spain for property selection

Prices from 150,000 Euros

Translation services

Assistance in obtaining a mortgage loan of up to 70% of the value of the property

Spanish Market and house pricing growing fast

Comprehensive post-purchase rental service

Assistance in larger investment opportunities

Our properties

REF: GS71116
Close to the sea
REF: GS21108
Sea view
 1000 - 2000 m
Price: 1 175 000 €
REF: GS81121
Sea view
REF: GS21096
Close to the sea
REF: GS91157
Sea view
REF: GS31183
Attractive price
 2000+ m
Price: 890 000 €

Many investors have already decided to buy an apartment in Spain!

We will prepare a proposal that will meet your expectations!

An investment that provides a steady passive income

Capital protection against inflation

Low maintenance costs

Attractive real estate prices as low as 150 thousand euros.

Availability of mortgages for foreigners - up to 70% of property value

Sunny weather all year round

Safe haven

Surround yourself with positive people, full of optimism

Beautiful, modern and functional constructions

Large selection of flight connections from many cities at attractive prices

Properties in one of the most gorgeous Mediterranean landscape

Properties with swimming poos, balconies, gardens, patios etc.

Rely on professional advice.

Fill out the form and find your dream property

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Get properties tailored to your budget!

From southern Spain Mediterranean region.

Get properties tailored to your budget!

From southern Spain Mediterranean region.